Tattoo Facts and Statistics

6 Interesting Tattoo Facts

1. Tattoos Inspire Logos

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The red star in the Macy’s logo is inspired by a tattoo on its founder, R.H. Macy. He got it as part of a whaling ship tattoo when he was a teenager. The symbol was integrated into the department store’s logo and now serves to distinguish it from other large players, regardless of the fact that it has nothing to do with the actual store or its merchandise. Knowing that tattoos have the potential to contribute to such high profile logos says a lot about the importance of art in society. Hopefully, ink will continue to serve as an inspiration to people everywhere.

2. More Women Have Tattoos Than Men in the US

Although the ratio is close at fifty one to forty nine percent of all tattooed individuals, ink is slightly more popular among women. This is certainly a change from past years when women were forbidden and then discouraged from getting tattooed. This could represent a shift in marketing to an increasingly feminine crowd. It remains to be seen whether or not the industry will make an effort to cater more to women. Though most tattoo parlors stick to independent marketing, the subjects for template books could shift to more stereotypically feminine images… or not.

3. The Latin word for tattoo is stigma.

Perhaps this speaks to the lasting stigma around ink. Even in 2017, tattoos come with their own sets of assumptions about people by others. While some think tattoos mean people are more reckless, others view them as badges of honor. The subject of the tattoo typically factors into any judgments made about the individual sporting it. Perhaps this is a testament to the longevity of tattoo art; people will always be drawn to what’s taboo. What does this mean for the day that more people sport tattoos than those who have virgin skin?

4. Female breast cancer survivors often frequent Little Vinnie’s Tattoos in Baltimore. The artist’s specialty is nipple tattooing. He cosmetically tattoos highly detailed areolas on breast cancer survivors.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this one seems especially fitting. With tattooing becoming rapidly more culturally accepted, the future of cosmetic tattoos seems especially bright. Cancer survivors, accident survivors, and other victims of tragedy can utilize ink and artistry to assist with their recovery and healing processes. This spiritual twist on a stereotypically dark art leaves room for lots of expansion into different audiences of clientele.

5. Forty five million Americans have at least one tattoo.

Ever-increasing in popularity, ink is in. It’s typical to look around a public space in warm weather and see a plethora of different inked designs on people in different places. Strikingly common in millennials, tattooing is more a cultural norm and less about initiation into adulthood or sticking out from the crowd. Younger generations are beginning to view tattoos more about individuality and less about rebellion. Potential effects for the tattoo industry mean more skin to ink and more money to collect. Right on, millennials.

6. Low Back Tattoos and Pregnancy: There may be unforeseen complications for women who choose to get pregnant and have their low backs decorated with ink.

Some medical professionals are worried about ink fragments entering the spinal cord upon administering epidurals for delivery. As long as a tattoo is well healed, the risk may well be a minor one. However, it’s a consideration all the same. Additionally, some tattoo ink with iron oxide reacts and burns upon receiving an MRI. This procedure affects a greater number of potential patients, and might be a larger consideration when selecting a tattoo location.

Fortunately, there are lots of others spots to be tattooed. Arms, legs, stomach, upper back, feet, and hands are all popular places for ink decorations. Take your pick and be mindful of any medical repercussions. Fortunately for the tattoo industry, all risks before pieces are healed are laid out in full before a client leaves the shop.