WordPress Cloud Hosting Statistics

WordPress Cloud Hosting Statistics 2017-2018

Facts and Statistics for WordPress Hosting

Users needing to publish a website will likely be conducting research as to what site they want to use for a host. There is a plethora of web hosting services currently available. The most popular CMS is WordPress, used by individuals, small business owners and large business concerns. There are many reasons why WordPress is the host of choice.

Percentage of Users

According to W3Tech’s report on the market share of WordPress hosting statistics as examined by WhoIsHostingThis, 27% of websites use WordPress. In real numbers, there are 172 million active websites, which means that an average of 75,000,000 websites are utilizing WordPress currently. 37,500,000 of these sites, which is around half of the total users of WordPress, are hosted on WordPress.com, which offers shared hosting. Therefore, there are about 20% of self-hosting websites using WordPress.


An interesting statistic about WordPress is that it is ranked as a number one CMS, with a market share of 58.8% and around 20.6 million sites that are active. Comparatively, Joomla, the closest competitor, is used by around 2.8% of active websites. The number of active websites that use WordPress stands at around 27% currently, with a projected 30% usage predicted in a few years. This projection is based on the popularity of WordPress and the fact that it is the fastest growing CMS currently.

Always Up

HostGator private cloud hosting, in conjunction with WordPress, works very well and has a very strong uptime of 99.99, as tested by Hosting Facts. They report that over the last year that out of 30 hosts they tested, this was the best uptime. Prior to that, the uptime was actually recorded at a consistent 100% over a period of months.


WordPress has an enormous library of themes and plug-ins, plus a number of other features that include automatic backups, CMS updates and page caching. This helps drive WordPress’s popularity for not only personal and small business pages, but larger concerns such as The New Yorker and Best Buy, each of which has high traffic.

Besides the common features shared by both optimized and managed WordPress, managed WordPress offers a well-trained support staff, site-staging, automatic malware detection and security.

Hosting with WordPress

WordPress is the site of choice amongst most web site users as evidenced by 27% usage rates, explained by WhoIsHostingThis; the number one ranking, according to Hosting Facts; the consistent uptime, thoroughly tested by Hosting Facts; and the large amount of features and services listed by PC Mag.

There is no question about the impact WordPress is having in the world of web hosting. The top ranking CMS is far ahead of the crowd and everyone will be scrambling to catch them. This is very good for the consumer, though, as this will drive innovation across the board as competitors think of new ways to get a bigger share of the market.